Release Date: 

Beatport Exclusive 28th April 2017

Worldwide Release 12th May 2017

The Evolve series enters its second phase and in doing so brings with it 5 new faces alongside already established label artists, in a 10 track fusion of both fresh and maturing talent. We’re excited with the planned progression of ‘Evolve’ as we present the label’s first LP – the ethos behind the name begins to manifest.

As a label we’re proud to be advocating gifted artists from our home city of Bristol and surrounding areas and will continue to do so, as well as further afield, prolifically over the course of 2017, across the Evolve series and solo EP’s.

Label bosses TerraHawk head up what is a strong release alongside Altered Perception, Subtle Element, Creatures & Lurk, paving the way for the likes of Constrict, Bass Sheriff & ReEdit, Ruxim, Obscure Form and Crom to contribute this year’s onslaught of Infidelity releases. You can catch the 1st play of tunes from the LP on our latest podcast below. Tracks from the LP will start going up online next week so watch this space.

Here are some of the comments and ratings we have had so far after sending out the promos.

T.C  10/10  > “Very good!”

S.P.Y  9/10  >  “Wicked tracks”

Mind Vortex  10/10 > “Nice”

Fre4knc  7/10  > “Really digging Wormhole, nice one”

Kenny Ken  8/10 > “Good release”

Logan D  9.10 >  “On the download right away”

Quadrant  7/10 > “Wormhole is a good tune”

Kolectiv  8/10 > “Nice, thanks!”

Aries  8/10 > “Great selection of tracks”

Look out for fresh EPs from Lurk, Creatures, Bass Sheriff & ReEdit over the next few months.


For exclusive worldwide sneak previews of our upcoming release ‘Evolve Phase Two LP’, check out the latest Infidelity Podcast below – the only place to hear these tracks at the moment.


Altered Perception – Isolate EP (Audio now online)

The 4th and final track from Altered Perceptions Isolate EP is now up online, we see the release come out exclusively on Beatport this Friday, Worldwide release 17th March. We will post all details of support and a full list of buy links on release day so keep your eyes peeled on our blog.

We value your opinion on our releases, so let us know what you think.

To keep up to date with our forthcoming releases and general releases from the D&B World, catch our monthly podcast

Altered Perception – Oppressed // Forthcoming Isolate EP //

The 3rd track from our March release has now been uploaded to YouTube via DnB Portal. There is 1 more track to be uploaded in the next few days.

Altered Perception – Isolate EP Release date
Beatport Exclusive Friday 3rd March
Worldwide Release 17th Friday 17th March

TC 10/10
Nicky Blackmarket 10/10
Rene La Vice 9/10
Drumsound & Bassline Smith 8/10
Logan D 9/10
Kenny Ken 8/10
Kolectiv 8/10
Ed Solo 7/10
Aries 7/10



You can check out the other tracks that have been uploaded here


Various Artists – Evolve EP: Phase One (CLIPS UP NOW!)

The first couple of audio clips from the forthcoming ‘Evolve EP: Phase One’ are now online at our Soundcloud!

Check the fresh material from both TerraHawk & Lurk on the playlist below!

More clips from the EP to follow in the coming days!


Various Artists
Evolve EP: Phase One

TerraHawk, Creatures, Subtle Element, Safety In Numbers & Lurk

Label: Infidelity Records
Catalogue Number: DBINFDLTY7
Release Date: 26.08.16
Format: Digital

The first in a brand new series of Various Artists EP’s from Infidelity Records; ‘Evolve EP: Phase One’ puts forth music from already established label artists as well as welcoming exciting new talents into the fold for the first time.

The aforementioned talents stepping up for their label debuts are all Bristol residents and prominent names on the Bristol circuit: Subtle Element, Safety In Numbers & Lurk – Underpinning the strength of label regulars TerraHawk & Creatures’ music on this EP.

Fully encompassing what Infidelity now represents as a label in 2016, expect a high standard of Drum & Bass to emanate from the ‘Evolve’ series.

Label bosses TerraHawk kick things off with the no holds barred roller ‘Cogent’; spitting out murky-filth from the get go. An eerie intro backed by solid punchy kicks warns of the aural corruption that lies in wait, firmly setting the tempo for the rest of the EP.

Creatures come fully correct with their offering ‘Clarity’. Unrivalled trademark drumwork & percussive elements confirm this as material worthy of a run-out on some of the world’s best D&B dancefloors. Keep your ears open for new music coming on Infidelity from the Creatures production lab in the very near future.

Prolific collaborators and regulars on the Bristol circuit; Subtle Element & Safety in Numbers have teamed up to bring you an updated 2016 version of their unreleased 2015 track ‘Symptomatic’ which was featured on Optiv & BTK’s ‘Dutty Audio Podcast’, as their respective label debuts.

Another label debut, but this time for a new boy in town. Lurk, another hot tip of ours to go on to big things, impressed us massively with material fired our way in the last 6 months – constantly exciting us with his distinct styles. ‘Preserve’ is a full on bass-laden stepper – charged with enough sub to rumble any club to it’s foundations.

Subtle Element’s ‘Last Hour’ is the penultimate number on the EP. Employing his now-trademark sound design, sub meets stabby reece in this energy filled rolling grub fest.

Impeccably rounding off a strong start to the ‘Evolve’ series, Creatures & TerraHawk collaborate on the comically named ‘Justin Thyme’; an intriguing fusion of both artist’s current styles. Definitely worth your thyme.

Infidelity Records Artists @ LOST THE PLOT BOAT PARTY & AFTERPARTY / 18th June 2016

Although not orchestrated directly by the label or associated entities, quietly an unofficial label takeover is taking place at the Lost The Plot Boat Party & After Party, taking place in Bristol on 18th June.

Label artists involved occupying approximately half of the lineup are:
Subtle Element
Safety In Numbers


Tickets are available from the following link:

Listen to promo mixes for the event(s) from Subtle Element B2B Safety In Numbers & Nurv on the players below!




Infidelity Records Takeover on SWU.FM 87.7FM (Sunday 22.06.16 / 11pm-1am)

This Sunday, Infidelity Records will takeover brand new Bristol FM station SWU FM. 

TerraHawk & Subtle Element will grace the studio this weekend will a shed load of dubs and exclusive tracks.

Listen on 87.7FM Bristol
or online @ www.swu.fm

You can listen to the last takeover featuring Safety In Numbers, Creatures & Siege MC from 8th May using the player below!

Big shouts to all the crew making this station happen, we hope there is a bright future for Bristol’s freshest FM broadcasters.