Altered Perception – Isolate EP (Audio now online)

The 4th and final track from Altered Perceptions Isolate EP is now up online, we see the release come out exclusively on Beatport this Friday, Worldwide release 17th March. We will post all details of support and a full list of buy links on release day so keep your eyes peeled on our blog.

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Altered Perception – Oppressed // Forthcoming Isolate EP //

The 3rd track from our March release has now been uploaded to YouTube via DnB Portal. There is 1 more track to be uploaded in the next few days.

Altered Perception – Isolate EP Release date
Beatport Exclusive Friday 3rd March
Worldwide Release 17th Friday 17th March

TC 10/10
Nicky Blackmarket 10/10
Rene La Vice 9/10
Drumsound & Bassline Smith 8/10
Logan D 9/10
Kenny Ken 8/10
Kolectiv 8/10
Ed Solo 7/10
Aries 7/10



You can check out the other tracks that have been uploaded here

Altered Perception – Fortify // Isolate EP DBINFDLTY10

The 2nd track from our March release has now been uploaded to YouTube via DnB Portal. There are 2 more tracks to be uploaded via DnB Portal in the next few days, we will announce them as they go up.

Release date
Beatport Exclusive Friday 3rd March
Worldwide Release 17th Friday 17th March

With support from the likes of these guys, you’ll be hearing tracks from this EP on a dancefloor near you soon.

TC 10/10
Nicky Blackmarket 10/10
Rene La Vice 9/10
Drumsound & Bassline Smith 8/10
Logan D 9/10
Kolectiv 8/10
Ed Solo 7/10

Here is the EP playlist, the next 2 tracks will appear in this playlist as they are uploaded


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Subtle Element – Rotations EP (OUT NOW!)

Subtle Element’s debut EP is out as a Beatport exclusive TODAY!


Worldwide release is 17th February 2017.


Notable DJ Support
TC 10/10 > Very Good!
Spy 9/10 > wicked tracks
Rene La Vice 9/10 > liking this. sounding reminiscent of Octane & DLR
Aries 9/10 > BIG !!!!
Kolectiv 8/10 > Great stuff I like how over ISNT overkilled 😉 big ups!
Fre4knc 8/10 > Nice! Really liking Overkill :)
Drumsound 8/10

Radio Support
Mercenary Radio, Bassport FM, Futuresound Radio, Kool FM x 3, Renegade Radio, DNB Radio x 2 , DnB Vault, Rough Tempo x 2 , Dream FM x 2,, WUTK FM (Knoxville, Tennessee), Global DNB, Bassdrive.

Subtle Element
Rotations EP

Label: Infidelity Records
Catalogue Number: DBINFDLTY9
Release Date: 03.01.17 (Beatport Exclusive)

1. Clockwork
2. Disorder
3. Rotations
4. Overkill

Hot on the heels of our last release from talented trio Creatures, Subtle Element touches down with his first solo EP for Infidelity, ‘Rotations EP’.

Following his personal exodus from Cornwall a few years back, Subtle Element has found himself amongst some of the best up and coming names on the Bristol D&B circuit, receiving support from some top level names including Noisia, Optiv & BTK, Foreign Concept, Xtrah, Nymfo, Bailey, Chris SU, Doc Scott, Fre4knc, Eastcolours, Volatile Cycle & many more.

He is also resident for promoter ‘Bristol Drum & Bass Events’, enabling him to appear on lineups for the likes of Dispatch Recordings, Shogun Audio, Neosignal & Metalheadz.

His unique brand of sub-low drum & bass has rightly earned placed him as one to watch right now.

The title track ‘Rotations’ propels us to another level in Subtle Element’s arsenal – employing an organic sounding groove-charged break, worthy of it’s namesake. The concurrent bassline is serious head-nod material, complete with clever LFO rate variations that complement the funky precedent already set by the impressive drum work.

Next up is ‘Clockwork’ – this truly is a sub-low roller in it’s purest form – gritty, dark and littered with stabs and pads eerie enough to send even the most ardent heads running for the hills. Don’t be fooled into thinking the evil undertones in this track are all it’s got, however, as it’s packing serious punch and dancefloor worthy grooves throughout.

Track three, ‘Disorder’, continues in the same vein as it’s predecessor, with autonomous sub throughout and super tight percussive elements – accompanied by his now trademark bass sounds.

Rounding off the EP is ‘Overkill’. A thunderous kick drum pattern ensues before we’re introduced to the star of the show – yeah, you guessed it, sub-bass. The producer’s dedication to the cause right across this project is clear for all to see, but no more than in this track.

Creatures – Alchemical EP (OUT NOW!)

 Creatures – Alchemical EP’ is OUT TODAY on Infidelity Records.
Available worldwide from all good digital outlets.
Amazon Music:
Support from:
SPY, TC, Skankandbass, DrumNBassNET, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Optiv, Ed Solo, Chris SU, Quadrant, Kolectiv, Bredren, Ray Keith, Jinx, Gold Dubs, Kyrist, Ninja Ninja D&B, Logan D & more.

OUT 23/12/16.


1. Creatures – Transmutation
2. Creatures – Eclipse
3. Creatures – The Crucible
4. Creatures – Archive

Creatures present ‘Alchemical EP’, their second EP on Infidelity Records, the follow up to their well received 2015 debut, ‘Lost Gods EP’.

This four track offering epitomises the monumental, incremental steps taken by the young trio since their last EP, ‘Lost Gods’. Akin to the last time around, the lads have employed a theme across the release, encompassing the , EP title, track titles & artwork, which in-turn manifests it’s self in the style and tone of music.

The lads wholeheartedly demonstrate their eclectic abilities on each track here.

The EP opens up with guaranteed floor filler ‘Transmutation’, a heavy yet tasteful, Neurofunk roller – showcasing an astonishing abundance of dance floor groove and musical intellect.

‘Eclipse’ is up next – this deep, sub-low gem takes us down a few pegs to a murkier place, as we begin to learn about the individual ‘Alchemical’ elements that comprise this EP. Groove-laden

Track three, ‘The Crucible’, with it’s ferocious lead and smooth as you like sub, takes us back to a dance floor inspired place. Once again, we’re treated to a masterclass in modern Neuro – how it should be done.

‘Archive’, something a little different from what we have come to expect from Creatures – a very clear distinction between solid sub bass and the mid-high frequency ranges. This track rounds off the EP nicely as the fourth and final slice of Drum & Bass.